The Lardini Brand

Beyond the name


【歴史】 – 洋服の製作において日々アップデートを繰り返すことにより得た世界最高峰のテーラード仕立てのノウハウ。 それは本拠地を置くアンコーナ県の風光明媚な町、フィロットラーノ発のクラフトマンシップの英知とも言える。

【個性】 – 家族の特質、誰よりも秀でることへの熱望、ハイクオリティへの拘り

【勇気】 – スタイルからテクノロジーまで、常に前進する為に、日々の改善と革新を欠かさない気概。これこそが世界の人々が認め愛用する、ラルディーニという洋服のアイデンティティーなのである。

Each brand has a story of its own to tell and the fascinating tale of Lardini apparel is woven around consummate sartorial expertise passed down from one generation to the next over the years, defining and elevating each collection with its exclusive signature touch.

This compelling story describes a dream that comes true and tells of a close-knit family who set about creating top-quality Italian-made clothing and scaled the heights under their own steam.

The unmistakable finesse of Lardini epitomised by the iconic lapel flower sinks its roots in the life of a tailoring family that has been striving resolutely since 1978 to reach the pinnacle of excellence and stay one step ahead of the rest.

Against the picturesque setting of Filottrano, a medieval town in the province of Ancona which is not just some pretty surrounds to the family firm, but represents its very heart and soul, the brand breathes life into fashion day after day, narrating the fusion of a manufacturing tradition of great calibre with modern innovation so that those who choose Lardini will recognise and be reassured by its distinctive identity.