The lapel flower

so much more than a symbol of elegance

ラルディーニが何よりも大切にしているもの、それはアイデンティティの表現です。 ”服は私たちの世界観と世界の私たちに対する見かたを変える”※ヴァージニア・ウルフ(英・小説家)。


ジャケットのラペルに取り付けられたピンは”エレガンス” ”ヘドニズム” そ して”マスキュリン” なロマン主義の揺るぎない象徴であり、ピンの色や素材の組み合わせは 作品に応じで多種多様です。”愛の最高の形は、ラペルの花に見られる誇りである” とルイージ・ラルディーニは述べています

“The highest form of love lies in the pride and joy of wearing a lapel pin”
Luigi Lardini - Creative Director

Whoever chooses a Lardini garment is bound to garner admiring gazes, both for their impeccable dress sense and for the iconic 4-petal flower pinned to their jacket lapel. Today, this lapel flower has become the symbol and image of the brand, a stylish flourish that conveys elegance, hedonism and romanticism.

Each work of art must bear the signature of its creator and when Luigi Lardini chose this flower, he drew inspiration from the glamour of the 70s when jacket lapels used to be embellished with all kinds of pins from the nouvelle Vague.

As our collections grew in number, our lapel flower also flourished, taking on various guises in new colours and different materials: felt, metal, briarwood, gold, silver and leather all contributed to elevating each new piece of outerwear with a refined note. One of the special-edition flowers that is particularly dear to us is the red-and-white version in 2011 which paid tribute to the victims of the tsunami in Japan.