From the beginnings to the present

1978年、当時18歳の青年ルイージ ラルディーニはイタリアのサルトリアーレの伝統から多大なる影響を受け、家族の援助を受けながら、自身の成長と共に理想とするエレガンスを追い求める。兄アンドレア、姉ロレーナは彼の才能を信じ、父親の援助を受け、洋服を作る為の小さな仕立て用のラボラトリーをオープン。


“Do what is necessary to achieve your most ardent desire, and you will eventually achieve it”, Beethoven once said, and so it was that a young Luigi Lardini mustered all his resolve and commitment and set about accomplishing his dream, embarking on the road to success.

His first menswear collection came into being in the Seventies. In awe of his creative talent, Luigi's brother Andrea and sister Lorena realised the extent of his potential and joined him in his endeavour. With the help of their father, they set up a tailoring studio in 1978.

Luigi focused on the creative side of the business, Andrea used his knowledge of computer engineering to take care of the technological side of matters whilst Lorena dealt with administration and financial management. A few years later, the siblings’ little sister Annarita came on board and was put in charge of quality control.

From reality to success




The extreme elegance of the outerwear and the perfect combination of heritage charm and contemporary stylishness rapidly attracted the attention of big names from the Italian and international fashion industry. The dream spread its wings and became a family business.

The little atelier soon grew in size, technology got more innovative and production levels increased. Being a family trait, a strong work ethic brought everyone together as they forged ahead with a “one for all and all for one” attitude anchored by strong values, endless energy and a deep love of fashion. Finally, Lardini's first collection of cashmere jackets for men came out in 1993.



Today, the Lardini brand is adored and admired the world over for the sheer elegance and premium quality of its garments that deliver sophisticated stylishness, sartorial superiority, artisanal expertise and passionate research into innovative and exclusive fabrics.

The Lardini menswear collections have been expanded by the addition of various proprietor product lines, each of which encapsulates a different mood or need without straying from the core identity of the brand.